Why should I Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

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Obviously, as a digital marketer, I would advise you to go ahead and hire my digital Marketing agency, but I like to answer the question with another question, “why should I go to the dentist when I can pull and straighten my own teeth? “, “ why does my business need an accountant when I know all the numbers ? “, “ why does my business need to pay for a lawyer when we never break the law?”, “Why do you need plumbers, electricians, contractors, or any knowledge or skilled worker when I can learn to do everything myself. if you don't want to bother reading this article here is the short answer, if your business is in the stage where Digital Marketing is required to get to the next stage then my professional opinion is to hire a digital marketing agency that is specialized to help you get there and if you are not there yet start getting there Digital is not the future it is the present

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  1. Cost analysis Marketing Agency VS in-house digital marketing hire
  2. Benefits of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency
  3. When should a business call a Digital Marketing Agency?

What is a Digital Marketing Agency? Should I use a marketing agency? These are common questions to the problem of online business representation, and the fact that traditional small to midsized companies are often unwilling to hire agencies because they do understand not understand their products or services has become more common.

If you alone bear the entire burden of running your business, including marketing, then it may eventually overwhelm you. Don’t let your business become a be stone. Maintain strength and allow agencies to contribute their expertise and resources.

It is impossible to know everything. This is why hiring an agent makes good business sense. You have explicitly purchased the services of experts.

Of course, even if you already have an internal team, the right agency can greatly promote your marketing. The right agency that understands your brand, product or service, and works with you to achieve predetermined results.

Understanding the benefits of a marketing agency can help you make the right decision for your company.

Digital Marketing Agency vs Hiring an In-house Marketing team

Marketing agency costs are lower than in-house hire

Worried about marketing agency fees? If you hire internal marketers or even hire a couple, a few people wear many hats. It is a daunting task to take care of digital, creative, content, print advertising, PR and any other marketing need alone.

On the other hand, agents can give you access to valuable resources in these areas. Even if you already have an internal marketing team, working with an agency can increase efficiency by freeing up more time.

After all, a marketing agency is readily staffed with

  • Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) — oohh, can you imagine their yearly pay 😱
  • Web Developers or Engineers — another high paying salary, higher than the specialist
  • Web Designers
  • Creative Directors
  • SEO Specialists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Social Media Specialists
  • Copywriters
  • Paid Search Specialists
  • Data Analysts
  • and the list goes on.

Assembling an in-house team would require hiring individuals for each of these roles…aka…SEVEN NEW SALARIES and benefits packages you will need to finance.

When you hire a marketing company, you will also hire a team that has been trained to bring life and vitality to the industry.

There is no cost to get started, and they can start working immediately.

If you are considering a digital marketing strategy, you must also consider the necessary software subscriptions. Agents already have access to the platforms needed to succeed, which can save you money and the pain of learning new programs.

Marketing Agency Vs In house Marketing
Marketing Agency Vs In house Marketing

You don’t need new employees

Hiring, onboarding, training, and managing personnel require a lot of internal time and resources. You can save time by working with an agency that has already recruited people with extensive marketing and life science industry experience.

One of the most common expenses in business is recruitment. Most companies underestimate the cost of hiring by 90% to 95% because they tend to consider the cost of hiring someone based on their basic salary alone. However, there are also payroll taxes, pensions, employee benefits, training, etc.

Of course, you can hire more junior employees, but do they have the experience and skills to guide your strategy and provide high-quality work? Who will guide them? What will happen when they leave? Or go on vacation?

Although the average hiring cost of an agent should be the same as the staff cost of an appropriately sized internal team. There is a catch. Hiring an agent does not incur “hidden costs”, which means you spend less time and money on recruiting, training, and developing employees.

This is the main difference between internal employees and agents. Employees need training. The agent is ready. From the second time you hire them, they can start using them.

The only merchant in the village. For many companies, the next step is to hire only one marketer. This is an improvement over part-time work, but it may be a lonely character, usually with a relatively low status. We conducted 18 digital marketing reviews for some Microsoft partners. In many cases, we found that the company may only have 10 to 20 salespeople, but only one or two people play a marketing role. To get the best results, you need a balanced sales and marketing team, and they need to actively cooperate to grow your business.

Buy tools but don’t use them. But buying a book is not the same as reading a book. We often see companies that have purchased HubSpot but have not used it very effectively. We also see companies set up blogs and then publish blogs from time to time. Marketing is not a journey, not a destination, and a process is not an event: it is a continuous investment, not a one-time purchase.

Here are 9 reasons you need to hire a digital marketing agency.

benefits of hiring a Digital marketing agency

  1. You need flexible expertise

Agencies, especially integrated Digital marketing agencies, will bring a variety of new marketing experience and expertise. Since agencies provide a menu of services, marketing strategies can be more flexible and include a wider variety of skills.

  • Graphic design work
  • SEO/keyword research
  • Market research
  • Mobile marketing integration
  • Brochure development and production
  • Content development
  • Targeted email creation
  • E-newsletters
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Metrics and data analysis
  • Print marketing
  • Public relations work
  • Special events
  • Sponsorship

2. You need a new strategy

You know your company, but sometimes it is difficult to rebrand or implement new strategies from within. Agents can step in and objectively understand your marketing and brand, introduce new ways of thinking and new knowledge.

my art teacher always said to get a better perspective step you need to step back

3. Agencies will help you broaden your network

Agents are engaged in the marketing business, so naturally, they need to establish contacts in the field of marketing and public relations. Agents bring these relationships directly to you, allowing you to take advantage of the work they have already done.

4. You can access the latest marketing Strategies and Technologies

Your job is to focus on the company. You don’t always have time to keep up with the latest marketing trends. Agencies are full of people who are paid and specialized to bring you the latest knowledge, skills, and tactics.

5. Your internal team can focus on its strengths

We have already discussed Internal marketing vs outsourcing which is a classic debate, but you don’t have to choose one. Your internal marketers may be good, but sometimes you may want something they cannot provide. Entering an agency allows your internal team to focus on your strengths, and you can use the agency’s capabilities to make up for your weaknesses. most agencies will provide a menu of services allowing you to test marketing strategies before you transfer the training to your in-house marketing team.

6. Agencies can help you recognize your gap

The introduction of agencies, especially those in the business to the business sector, means explaining the industry aspects of the product. This process can often reveal weak or incomplete value propositions and customer image, which is a simple opportunity to improve messaging and build trust with the audience. You usually don't know what your customers are saying about you online.

Hiring a marketing agency can help you discover your market strengths and weaknesses. Some Marketing Agencies even provide services specifically designed for this purpose. Get your full business digital footprint audit here:

7. Hiring a marketing agency can make you honest

If you don’t have a marketing team dedicated to a specific project, it’s easy to stall the task or decide to cancel the project altogether. Hiring an agent can help you follow through because you will reliably check the work they have done. you always get what you pay for or your money back

8. The agent has experience in your company’s vertical

A good agency will have specific experience in your company’s vertical field, enabling them to fully understand your product or service, and they can leverage their position and experience in the market and the entire industry. To design the exact method and strategy that results in success in your industry based on previous project experience.

9. Agents can help you work across company departments

This is usually only a benefit to large companies, working across various products and service departments can be challenging. Agents usually need the opinions of several teams to complete the project and have experience in browsing the structure of large companies. This allows them to work efficiently and eliminates the hassle of communicating with everyone.

3. When should I hire a digital marketing Agency

The reason why you should hire an agent is clear. At a lower cost than the internal team, you can get expert knowledge, and the only responsibility of the team is to focus on its own expertise.

However, you should not hire an agent too soon. Here are some indicators to help you decide when to call an agent.

  1. When nothing is getting done

It is so hard to be honest with our selves, continuously postponing projects and staying stuck and stagnant ,a digital agency will keep you honest and accountable .

2. When sales and growth stagnate

If a business is stagnant, growth is slowing, and you spend most of your time saving rather than increasing productivity, then things must change.

There are many things that can hinder sales and growth. This could be ineffective marketing, poor customer service, or poor management. Regardless of the symptoms, treatment can be found through agents. The failed part of the outsourcing business can revive and initiate growth. Sometimes only a little external perspective is needed.

3. When your ambition exceeds your ability

Sometimes companies may have ambitions for the future, which is beyond their current capabilities. It may be simple, such as not having the necessary manpower or inherent knowledge of how to achieve these goals. In any case, if you don’t have what you need, the agent can provide it for you or find it.

Pitfalls of internal marketing

Of course, there are many benefits to having an internal marketing team. But there are many pitfalls:

Part-time marketing. It is tempting to give someone a marketing role as an add-on to another job. Maybe assign it to a salesperson or office manager. This is the beginning, but part-time marketers can never do everything they need to do to achieve strong business growth. Marketing is a full-time job.

Everyone can write, but not everyone is a writer. Most of the work we as Digital Marketer does involve writing. Blog posts, white papers, case studies, emails, and landing pages all need to be copied. It’s easy to think that you can ask your colleagues to write marketing copy. In fact, this is not easy. First, they have other work to do, and even if they like writing, they may not have time to prioritize it. Secondly, good marketing is more than just “speaking on paper.” Good marketing copywriters understand how to write in a way that readers can participate, writing words that sell, and they understand SEO and readability requirements.

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